A Quick Post About Me.

I’ve suddenly disappeared over the last few weeks. I had a run of very productive weeks and then nothing for probably 3-4 weeks. The reason is because I have a medical condition that loves to pop up at some of the least convenient times. 90% of the year I have no issues but when it does decide to come up I experience horrible pain in my right leg with little to no relief. It really wears on me.

I’m someone who can’t exist without habits, likely to the point of it being a problem, but more on that another time. The problem I have with my leg pain is that it resets all the productive habits I’ve built for myself. I have a rigid schedule set for myself to try and maximize my productivity, but when this pain strikes and it’s so much that it completely blocks my ability to focus or get any work done those habits go completely out the door.

I’m now hopefully on the recovering side as the pain is slowly dissipating. I’m trying now to get myself back on track. Maybe we can go more than a year this time without having to suffer through this again.

Thank you for standing by.

Todd Endres


P.S. the featured picture is a preview of my latest Instagram post, go check the full photo out here


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