My Indecision

A skill I’ve picked up over some time thinking about media and content strategies is that to look at someone I know even just something about and see what kind type of content will play best for them. Obviously that’s a skill required of someone trying to be seen as an authority on social media management and content production.

The problem, is I find it next to impossible to place myself in any content strategy. When I imagine myself doing different types of videos or types of Instagram content I just can’t picture it. I see it coming out terribly, even though I am confident in my ability to execute for someone else. In some ways I can see myself doing this or that but I get scared, I’m scared of what people I know will think. It’s a little ironic, I have no problem putting out any type of video for anyone online to see, but when it comes to people I know I’m terrified of what they’ll think.

What I’ve recently decided is that I’m going to be shameless in my content production. I don’t mean that in a, I’m going to start putting out clickbait or something like that, but that I’m not going to worry what people think and if I see myself doing a type of content then I’ll do it. Ultimately I think when I get big enough I’ll have to employ someone to manage my brand internally if I get to that kind of point, I just wont be able to.

I want to keep this post short, as I don’t know if it benefits many. But I think it helps me to get it out there. Thank you for reading.


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