Quitting My Job

So Wednesday I officially told my boss that I wanted to leave my job to focus on starting my business. It’s kind of stressful because in a way I feel like I have nothing to show for my time yet, but I know that when I leave my job and I can start making calls it’ll all fall into place.

You really need to have a plan, I’m going so hard day 1 and that’s because I know who I’ll call and what I’m doing. I also have a plan for the days after. Beyond that is a little grey but that’s where the fluidity is required of me.

I don’t have a set date as of yet but I have technically given my warning so it’ll be in the next two weeks. I’m excited to share what’s going on when it starts happening! At this moment I’m building a list of people, businesses, and phone numbers to call when I start working. Priority number one is going in person to talk to people I already know to try and get advice and possibly connections to move on. Networking for business when trying to grow sales should be number 1, then be ready to fill in the cracks with calls.

This is all for now! Looking forward to seeing how this goes, and sharing it here!


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