Building a Business

I’ve recently decided to start my own business. It’s a bit of a risk but I suppose I’ll never get anywhere without taking risks. Just don’t take to many risks when it comes to your hair as I’ve just learned… Another time perhaps though.

I’m beginning a social media management company. We’re living in a time where social media is truly the most important landscape that companies should focus energy for marketing. 90% companies that are selling a product or service that in any way engages with the public, can find tremendous value in social media if it’s truly used to it’s full potential. Algorithms and peoples attention drive value in this market and this where I believe many companies under-perform. I live in an area with many small software development firms as well as many breweries. Between these two markets I can’t think of just about any other business that could thrive more on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Yet many of these companies are severely lacking in this area. This is where I hope to create my own value.

The biggest challenge I can see moving forward is trying to convince the owner of a prospective company that not only am I worth paying but worth paying a reasonable amount. I’m preparing a presentation that the prospect may never see, but more of a way for me to organize my thoughts. Perhaps when I’m done I’ll post it here.

I know that the best way to prove I can be valuable is by actually being valuable so I’ve been exploring a number of third party analytics sites. I already have a pretty good understanding as I’ve used analytics tools for some of my own accounts, but convincing a company of this is extremely important.

I can’t actually start the company yet as I’m currently restricted due to my day job. I will be leaving my day job at some point soon due to internal reasons and my plan is to be 100% ready to start everything the first day off my current job. It’s stressful but I’ll be taking a few weeks to see the possible success I might find in this business. I’m excited and motivated to make this work, I will be providing updates shortly.

Thank you for reading!


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