The Ability of Analysis

I believe introverts have an incredible natural ability to analyse a situation. I put myself in this category. Sitting down and analyzing what’s happening either in the past, present, or future can greatly help in moving forward. Whether you are working more efficiently, or go into your next sales meeting with a revised pitch, pondering can greatly assist your success.

That being said, this can have a TERRIBLE DARK SIDE. Sitting and thinking is one of the easiest things, and least productive things you can do. It can be so easy to fall into a habit of just sitting and thinking while not actually accomplishing anything. I am extremely guilty of this, as I’ll spend half my day thinking, and have my day doing research as to how to do something better. At the end of the day have I made any more sales? NO. Thus I have done very little to further my career.

You have to think of things in how much value they truly add to your life and career. Truly sitting and thinking about your activities can add marginal value, but does not always add more value than just sitting and DOING the activity you’re contemplating.

To end my inaugural post, I’d like to propose some alternatives to contemplation:

  • Perhaps you’ve added most of what you can to your own process, and someone else’s insight could help even more. There are countless books on more business topics than you could possible know ever existed, look at reviews and find something that seems interesting to you! Then read it in your off time so as to not interrupt your selling time. If you want a quick recommendation on the field of selling, look at Zig Ziglar
  • Speak to your more experienced colleagues or peers about where they started, and how they got to where they are now. They no doubt had influencers, find out who they were.
  • Finally, JUST MAKE SOME CALLS, Or whatever your selling medium is. There’s not much that you can do to further your selling job than just selling. Get out there and learn from experience.

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